Volunteering for Last Hope Animal Charity

Please read the Last Hope Animal Charity Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting your online volunteer application. By submitting your application, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


  1. Last Hope Animal Charity reserve the right to refuse any application from a potential volunteer at it's discretion.

  2. When you register your interest in volunteering with Last Hope Animal Charity, your contact details (name, address, phone and email) and the area you are interested in, will be held on an electronic database. The information will never be passed on to a third party without your permission unless we are legally obliged to do so. By choosing to submit this information you consent to the processing of this information by us.

  3. The terms and conditions are regarded as an agreement between the volunteer and Last Hope Animal Charity.

  4. Modifications to Terms: We reserve the right to change the terms by changing them on the website. Volunteers will be informed of these changes via social media. If the volunteer objects to any such changes, the volunteer’s sole recourse will be to cease volunteering for Last Hope Animal Charity. Continued volunteering following posting of any such changes will indicate the volunteer’s acknowledgment of such changes and their agreement to be bound by the revised terms, inclusive of such changes.

  5. Modifications to Information. Last Hope Animal Charity reserves the right to modify information at any time without notice. If the volunteer objects to any changes in the information, the volunteer’s sole recourse will be to cease volunteering for Last Hope Animal Charity. Continued volunteering following posting of any such changes will indicate the volunteer’s acknowledgment of such changes.

  6. No volunteer shall be discriminated against on the grounds of gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, race or membership of the travelling community.

  7. As a volunteer you are committed to the welfare of animals.

  8. Last Hope Animal Charity endeavour to ensure that volunteers are respected and valued for their voluntary time and the work they do to support our cause.

  9. Last Hope Animal Charity will provide all volunteers with a role description, outlining the responsibilities of the volunteer for the work they will be undertaking.

  10. Last Hope Animal Charity expects all volunteers to ensure their attitude and behaviour towards other volunteers and members of the public is respectful at all times.

  11. As a Last Hope Animal Charity volunteer, you understand that Last Hope Animal Charity shall not be responsible to pay any compensation for services provided by a volunteer and all work carried out is on a voluntary basis. No member of Last Hope Animal Charity is paid for the contributions they make to us or on our behalf. Any expenses incurred by a volunteer, brought to the treasurer’s attention will be reviewed on a case by case basis and approved at the discretion of the treasurer.

  12. No volunteer is permitted to accept personal gifts / donations given in line with work they carry out on behalf of Last Hope Animal Charity.

  13. The committee of Last Hope Animal Charity reserves the right to suspend a volunteer from the charity, on a temporary or permanent basis at their discretion. In such cases a volunteer shall be notified and must not then attempt to represent the charity under any other name or through any other volunteer until re-instated by the committee.

  14. The volunteer acknowledges that volunteering requires a degree of flexibility and understands that the activities are subject to change without prior notice due to local circumstances. 

  15. As a volunteer of Last Hope Animal Charity, you will indemnify, defend and hold the charity harmless from and against any claims, lawsuits, injuries, damages, losses, costs or expenses whatsoever sustained by any companion animal or any person in connection with your intentional misconduct or grossly negligent performance of volunteer activities for the charity, of your breach of the charity’s terms and conditions, policies and procedures. Last Hope Animal Charity operates under the assumption that volunteers are covered for accidents or injuries that may occur while volunteering for Last Hope Animal Charity under their own personal insurance policies and Last Hope Animal Charity accepts no liability.

  16. All written material, whether held on paper or electronically which was made or acquired by volunteers during the course of their involvement with Last Hope Animal Charity is considered to be the property and copyright of Last Hope Animal Charity and therefore should not be disclosed to any person without the charity's written consent. Volunteers are expected to exercise caution and care with any documents or other material containing confidential information and at the time of a volunteer resigning from the charity, they agree to return any such material in their possession to a member of the committee.

  17. The age limit for general volunteering with Last Hope Animal Charity is 18. In addition to this there is an age limit of 21 to foster animals.

  18. A volunteer who is providing foster care to any of Last Hope Animal Charity’s animals in their home, consent to the charity visiting their home from time to time to observe the animals and their living quarters. Fosterers agree to attend training sessions offered from time to time and agree to use positive training methods at all times.

  19. Volunteers must wear the charity uniform when on Last Hope Animal Charity business and be clean and tidy at all times and are required to maintain the highest standards.

  20. A volunteer who wishes to represent Last Hope Animal Charity must obtain committee approval prior to undertaking any representation on our behalf. This includes, but is not limited to, statements to the media, joint initiatives with other organisations and agreements involving contractual or financial obligations. The involvement of a non-member of the charity, requires prior approval from the committee

  21. Minors shall not represent the charity without prior committee approval. A volunteer must be present at all times when minors are representing the charity.

  22. If a volunteer is inactive for a full 6 month period he/she may no longer be considered an active volunteer. This may result in the termination of the role as a volunteer. The volunteer will be removed from Last Hope Animal Charity systems / secret Facebook groups and will need to submit a new application to reactivate the volunteer role.

  23. Upon resignation or termination of your role of being a volunteer with Last Hope Animal Charity you agree to return all of the charity’s supplies, equipment, records, monies, and other items in good clean condition within 24 hours.

  24. All money received, on the charity’s behalf, by a volunteer, must be passed on to the charity treasurer by the last week of the month in which it was received. Volunteer and treasurer must confirm the transaction through an update on the secret Facebook page 'VOLUNTEERS – Keep in Touch'.

  25. If the charity finds your behaviour unsatisfactory, your volunteering will be terminated under the following conditions:

    1. You endanger or abuse the animals in your care.
    2. Alcohol and drug use (other than those prescribed by a doctor) is strictly prohibited while on charity business and will result in instant dismissal from the charity
    3. If we find that you are engaged in any illegal activities or convicted of any criminal activities before or during your volunteering.
    4. If it is believed that any of your actions or behaviour is threatening or unacceptable to other volunteers, members of the public or to society at large.

Two written or verbal warnings will be issued by the committee after which the committee have the right to terminate a volunteer’s agreement.

Personal Information:

  1. Volunteering with Last Hope Animal Charity may on occasion give rise to volunteers being aware of confidential information in relation to members of the public using our service. Volunteers must not disclose any information which concerns any member of public to any other person or agency/organisation unless you are required to do so in the context of child protection or as required under legislation.

  2. Volunteers are not permitted to share any information about members of the public, other volunteers or committee members with a third party.

  3. If a member of the public has an issue/complaint they should be requested to email their disagreement to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. whereby it will be passed onto the committee by the charity’s admin team. The committee will investigate and respond to the complainant directly.

  4. All personal information entrusted to a volunteer, by the charity, will be held safety and securely only for the purposes for which it was intended. Once this information has been used, it will be deleted (if electronic) or shredded (if paper).

Electronic Communications:

  1. In the event of volunteers visiting the charity’s website, sending emails to the charity or posting on social media, they are communicating with Last Hope Animal Charity electronically. The volunteer therefore consents to receiving communications from us electronically.

  2. While a volunteer is an active member of the charity, they will be placed onto the applicable secret group on social media which will form the basis of communication. A volunteer may be removed from these groups if they are not an active member as decided by the group co-ordinator who has the committee’s approval to do so.

Use of Photos and Feedback:

  1. By agreeing to the Last Hope Animal Charity Terms & Conditions you give your approval for them to use your photos and written feedback to be used and posted to its website. Last Hope Animal Charity might use such material for marketing/promotion in form of brochure/emails/ social media or on its website.


  1. Last Hope Animal Charity does not make any travel arrangements. It is the responsibility of each volunteer to arrange your travel requirements and help can be requested vis Last Hope Animal Charity Facebook pages.

  2. Any volunteer who travel on behalf of Last Hope Animal Charity do so at their own risk and we do not accept any responsibility or liability that may arise in conjunction with such travel.

Privacy Policy

  1. You agree to the privacy policy set out in the Privacy Policy of Last Hope Animal Charity. You can read it at http://www.lasthope.ie/index.php/privacy


  1. The volunteer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Last Hope Animal Charity from any and all liability arising directly or indirectly out of, or in connection with, the volunteer’s chosen activities, and the undertaking of such activities.

By completing a volunteer application, you acknowledge that

  1. You have accurately and truthfully completed this volunteer application; 

  2. You have read the privacy policy;

  3. You have read these terms fully and understand them;

  4. You agree to be bound by them; and

  5. You are at least 18 years old, and/or if you are under 18 years old, your legal guardian has given you permission to view the site and your guardian agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

If you cannot agree to all of the terms above, we regret that we are unable to accept you as one of our volunteers. Thank you for your continued support of Last Hope Animal Charity.