Is a cat right for me?

Deciding to become an owner of a cat is not something that should be decided on the spur of the moment. Some thought should be put into the decision.

Things to consider:

The Cost: Initially you will have to buy things like a litter box, scratching post, food bowls and other bits and pieces. Supplies of food and litter will need to be purchased regularly. There will be routine veterinarian costs for annual shots and check-ups and occasionally unplanned visits for illnesses or injuries.

Owning the Cat vs. Being Owned by the Cat: Almost all cat owners would agree that there is no such thing as 'owning' a cat. The cat typically owns the 'owner'. They are loving and easy to care for pets but unlike dogs they do things in their own way and own time. For instance, you can train a cat to beg for a treat but if the cat doesn't feel like doing the trick at that moment, it won't. It's better to think of it as adding a new member to your family.

Easy Maintenance: Sure a cat is easy to take care of but it's not completely trouble free. You'll need to make sure the cat has plenty of water, food daily, and a clean litter box, as well as keeping up with the health exams. Although most cats do not demand tons of attention they will still want your affection on a regular basis. Take care of these basic things and you will have a companion for life.

Age of Children: If you have small children you may want to wait to get a cat until your children are older. Even if they are accustom to having a pet in the house the added stress on the new cat may be too much. However, if you will be supervising every encounter between small child and cat you'll probably be allright.

Other Pets in the House: If you already have existing pets in the house you'll need to consider if they will get along with a cat. Obvious problems would be birds and small rodents. Also, if you already have a cat and it has been a solitary pet for a long time, the transition of bringing in a new cat may be long and stressful. Generally gentle dogs will do fine with a new cat companion but if the dog is aggressive or territorial this could pose problems

Potential Allergies: Does anyone in your household have pet allergies? If you have decided that a feline would fit perfectly into your family, there are still more things to consider...

Do you want a kitten or an adult cat? The attraction of tiny mewing kittens is hard to resist, but kittens need a lot of attention. On the plus side, kittens adapt quickly to their surroundings. For many people, an adult cat is a wise choice,

Do you want a male cat or a female cat? Both male and female felines can be equally playful and affectionate! Gender is based purely on personal preference!


Believe caring for a pet for 15 to 18 years does not seem like a lifetime.
Look forward to having your ankles rubbed by an affectionate, hairy animal.
Don't mind sharing your house with someone who will never clean up after him or herself.
Love a housemate who will randomly and regularly entertain you with outrageous and silly antics (at his whim, not yours).
Want to take care of someone every day.
Like your lap warmed whenever you sit down.
Would like to spend your extra money on pet food, toys, veterinary care, kitty litter and more kitty litter.
Want to be welcomed with a soft purr of appreciation.
Believe that spaying and neutering pets will help solve the pet overpopulation problem.
Can't imagine leaving your devoted pet behind when you move.
Want to keep an ID tag on your pets, so they can always get back to you no matter what.
Enjoy unconditional love and constant companionship.

Questions to ask before you get a cat

Can I afford a cat?

Cats require annual vaccinations, worming and flea treatment. Kittens need to be neutered at 12 weeks – all adult cats are neutered before Last Hope home them. Basic requirements for your cat – food, litter, litter tray, scratching post, toys, brush, cat carrier and collar.

Do I have time for a cat?

Cats like to hang out with their humans and regular time should be set aside each day for play and cuddles. A fifteen minute play session twice a day is all that’s required to keep your kitty happy, and as many cuddles as you can give in between. Adult cats need a lot less time than kittens, who can be very energetic!

Do I have space for a cat?

Yes, a cat’s world is vertical not horizontal, so if you can fit a climbing frame/cat tree into your home, you have room for a cat. Rule of thumb says, one room per cat. Apartments are ideal for indoor cats once you provide a climbing frame/cat tree, toys and some playtime. In fact, lots of people now believe it’s safer to keep a cat indoor-only because of outdoor
hazards such as dogs, cars, poison and cruel humans .

How clean are cats?

Cats are the cleanest of creatures, when problems arise it’s usually the human’s fault!! Cats instinctively bury their waste, when litter problems occur, it’s most likely because the litter tray is not clean enough. Vet’s advice should always be sought however as this can also be their way of letting us know something is wrong. Cats do shed so a few well-placed blankets are a must as they can be removed and cleaned easily. Also Velcro / lint brushes are an easy way of removing fur from furniture. Regular brushing is a great way of bonding with your cat and removing excess hair.

Will my furniture be scratched?

It is natural for cats to scratch, it’s a way of them marking their territory and indeed, it’s a thing they have to do. However, there is no need for your furniture to be their scratching post. Provide your cat with an appropriate scratching post i.e. it must be tall enough to allow them to stretch to scratch with a solid base so it won’t fall over, and preferably covered in sisal (not carpet) so that they can shed their claws. If your cat is using the sofa, place the post at that spot so that they get used to using the post instead and gradually move it to the place you want it to be. Anti-scratching products are also available from pet shops.

In general cats are very easy to live with, are low maintenance and extremely loving. They can fit into a busy lifestyle very easily, all they require is food, play and love. In return you will be rewarded with years of fun and kisses!!